Leichhardt’s first War Memorial

Leichhardt Memorial

Leichhardt’s first Memorial was originally located on the corner of Marion and Norton Street before it was relocated in 1949 to Pioneers Park (previously Balmain Cemetery)

The magnificent figure of peace was designed by Gilbert Dobel, it is a grey marble obelisk surmounted by 3 steps and the figure of a lady at the top.

The memorial commemorates  the names of 379 men who fought in World War 1 with a total of 537 names for the Boar War, World War 1, World War 2. The memorial was dedicated on 9th April 1922.

The memorial commemorates World War 1 and World War 2 Inscription:

Erected by the citizens in grateful remembrance of the


who gave their lives

for God, King and Country

in the Great War

1914 – 1919

“They died that we might be free”


2 thoughts on “Leichhardt’s first War Memorial

  1. David Royal Brodie is part of our family history, his mother was nee Hopkins also Ken’s great-grandmother was nee Hopkins. If you have had others contact you about him, we would love to get in touch with them. Thank you for your site we plan to go to your memorial to place a poppy close to his name. We will be doing the same to all our family members that gave their lives at all the wars.

  2. My Great Uncle, Sydney Anson Elliott was KIA in France on 15/8/1916.
    I’d like to know where he’s buried in France.
    Born in Leichhardt and part of the 500.

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