Wilkinson, Edgar


Group portrait of the NCOs of the 30th Battalion, 5th Division. Back row: Corporal (Cpl) H. Webb; Sergeant (Sgt) A. W. Chivers; 1323 Company Quartermaster Sergeant (CQMS) James Andrew Hogg MM; Sgt F. McCristal; 4768 Cpl Robert John Ball; 904 Cpl Peter John Holder; 1246 Cpl George Ogle; 877 Sgt T. Eccles, MM; Cpl A. C. Stubbs; 366A Cpl George J. Bromley; Cpl C. E. Alcorn; 2072 Cpl R. E. Johnson; Cpl W. J. Burns; Lance Sergeant (LSgt) W. C. Abbott; 979 Cpl A. L. Smith; 539 Sgt W. Genge Smith MM; 965 Sgt Claud Lionel Rideley; 1279 LSgt Hugh Dodington Gooding; Sgt J. H. Brown. Middle row: Sgt Eric Douglas Robinson; Sgt G. Cowan; Sgt F. Carran; 1328 Cpl W. Duncan; 614 Sgt A. H. Brown; 2926 Percy Ferguson; 1007 Cpl Edgar Wilkinson;France: Nord Pas de Calais, Pas de Calais, Desvres,29 December 1917