Sawyer, Ralph Lynn


Studio portrait titled ‘Anzac Coves Pierrot Troupe. Direct from the firing line.’ The portrait has been signed by the members of the troupe which is part of 1st Australian Headquarters. This concert party was to perform from 29 April 1918 at the King’s Theatre, Hammersmith, with proceeds to go to the Australian Repatriation Fund for Discharged Soldiers. Third row, left to right: unidentified; unidentified; Harry Ross (tenor); unidentified; 7461 Private (Pte) Benjamin Joseph Davies (second tenor); unidentified. Second row: 6313 Pte Frank Harold Crossley (comedian and raconteur); 4027 Driver Frank James Donovan (pianist); 1992 Lance Corporal Harold Frederick Shaw (comedian); 9619 Pte Ralph Lyn Sawyer (female impersonator and dancer); probably 9129 Staff Sergeant Rannall Carlsile (manager); A Roberts (comedian); 1955 Pte Hugh Gannon (ragtime and light comedian); 264 Sergeant Jack Leslie Davey (baritone). Front row: Fred Reade (light comedian and dancer); J Gibb (monologist); 2664 Pte Leslie Herbert Williams (bass). Also identified is W J Smith (mechanic) position unknown. See also P01939.001