Leer, George Ambrose


Group portrait of the staff of the 4th Mobile Veterinary Section. Left to right, back row: 4234 Private (Pte) E. Turnbridge; 277 Pte J. E. Walsh; 461 Pte T. L. Levick; 559 Pte A. W. Kelly; 574 Pte C. Sly. Middle row: 556 Pte G. Austin (standing slightly back); 7072 Pte S. Gray; 404 Pte Robert Vandergee (standing slightly back); 33172 Pte J. C. Madden; 33171 Pte G. Madden; 537 Pte N. J. Rutherford; 796 Pte W. G. Cooper; 691 Pte J. O’Brien; 797 Driver (Dvr) J. E. Dodds (standing slightly back); 259 Dvr H. L. D. Marchant; 251 Pte J. C. Harper (standing slightly back). Front row: 239 Pte T. Ridgwell (kneeling); 572 Corporal (Cpl) C. Kelly MID MSM; 252 Sergeant (Sgt) W. Fawcett; 299 Staff Sergeant A. Owens; Major E. S. James MID; 672 Sgt C. D. Brown MID; 457 Cpl E. T. Trounson; 10059 Pte G. A. Leer; 573 Pte D. McSwain (kneeling). France: Nord Pas de Calais, Nord, Steenwerck. March 1918