Leemings, Harold Edwin


Group portrait of the 8th Medium Trench Mortar Battery. Left to right, back row: 1634 Gunner (Gnr) S. H. Valentine; 1685A Gnr H. S. Brenton; 4345 Gnr F. J. Barr; 14704 Gnr G. F. Eagles; 1987 Gnr C. Carwardine; 4608 Gnr T. Wade; 2024 Gnr J. Gallagher; 2709 Gnr F. N. Boon; 2013 Gnr W. S. Flanagan; 1991 Gnr D. S.  Second row: 18740 Gnr K. R. Spanswick; 2066 Corporal (Cpl) H. J. Schultz MM; 1998 Cpl J. W. Mackay; 3910 Sergeant (Sgt) G. N. Sutton; Second Lieutenant (2nd Lt) A. E. F. Smith; Lt P. R. Barron; Lt W. H. Felstead, Officer Commanding the Battery; Lt F. A. Gaunt; 2nd Lt F. Hutchison; 1303 Sgt H. H. Stafford; 1793 Cpl H. E. Leeming;

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