Jarvis, Russell Thomas Sydney


Panorama group portrait of members of the 9th Field Ambulance at camp in England prior to service on the Western Front. Back row, left to right: 12077 Private (Pte) Hubert Bishop Tucker; 11906 Pte Bromley George Bieler; 12092 Driver (Dvr) Ernest Gabriel Williams; 11973 Pte George William Handley; 11897 Pte Nicol Thomas Allardice (later MM); 12056 Pte Norman Rosenthal; 12003 Pte Frederick Lee; Pte Jones; Pte Duggan; 11947 Pte Richmond Percival De Gruchy; 12040 Pte John Ridley Perry; Pte Henderson; 12000 Pte Stanley Latham; 12045 Pte William Poole; 11915 Pte Wilfred Albert Boys (killed in action 31 August 1918, in France); 13004 Pte Harold Ashton Louat; 11958 Pte Stewart Roy Egan; 12081 Pte John Virtue; 11985 Pte Thomas Francis Hodge; 12058 Dvr Aubrey Wallace Rutherford; 12018 Dvr Joseph McMahon; 12089 Bugler Sydney Jesse West; 12054 Pte Gerald Hercules Robinson, (later MM); 11910 Pte Leslie Norman Blakeney; 12052 Pte Edward John Rigden; 12021 Pte William Menzies; 12088 Pte Alfred Walter Webber; 11937 Pte Mervyn Montgomery Cox; 11931 Pte Verner William Cocks; 11982 Pte John Howard Healy; 11967 Pte Reginald Ernest Glennie; 11904 Pte Garnet Lyndon Barrow; 11932 Pte Joseph Cooke; 11919 Pte Percy Oswald Burdon; 12011 Pte James Marshall; 12012 Pte Archibald Andrew Martin; 12010 Pte Arthur Linden Mance; 12008 Pte Robert Hugh Mahaffey; 11950 Pte Andrew George Douglas. Third row: 12026 Pte Alfred William Moss; 12093 Pte Cyril Augustus Wilson; 12082 Pte William Wagstaffe; 12035 Pte James Aloysius O¿Sullivan; 11949 Pte Herbert George Donovan; 12043 Pte John Harper Piercy; 12101 Pte John Horace Chambers Zocchi; 12074 Pte Richard John Thomas; 11977 Pte Charles William Harrison; 11959 Pte Norman Campion Bright Farquhar (died of wounds 16 October 1917, in France); 11931 Pte Frederick Rupert Cooke; 11976 Pte Eber Henry Harris; 12020 Pte, Arthur Russell Mealey, (later MM); 12999 Pte James Robertson Gillespie; 12062 Pte Stewart Frederick Shearman; 12107 Pte Edward Richardson Figtree; 13010 Pte Thomas Edgar Temperley; 12098 Dvr Charles William Wynn; 11999 Pte Cecil Laffan; 12047 Pte Samuel Ernest Porter (killed in action 8 April 1917, in France); 11954 Pte Paul Raymond Druitt; 12083 Pte Lyall Risdon Walker; 11996 Pte Francis William Kelly; 12014 Pte William Maxwell; 11972 Pte William Charles Hampson; 12084 Pte Charles Joseph Walsh (Walshe) (killed in action 12 October 1917, in Belgium) (see also H05590); 11983 Pte Edward Batley Hemsworth; 11960 Pte Bernard Fox (killed in action 12 October 1917, in Belgium); 12080 Pte Sidney William Vanderfield; 11979 Pte Leonard Haskins; 12091 Pte John Nevil White; 12002 Pte John Leah; 11905 Dvr Hector Brooke Beeston (later MM); 12072 Dvr Edwin Thatham; 11936 Pte Leslie John Cox; 12073 Pte William Henry Taylor; 11912 Pte Charles James Bowen; 12042 Pte Cecil John Joseph Phelan; 12009 Pte John Thomas Mahon; 11969 Dvr John Stewart Haig; 11909 Bugler Richard Watson Bickford. Second row: 11903 Pte Robert Rawcliffe Barker; 12106 Pte Henry William Thackway; 11935 Pte Joseph Cornelius Cox (died of wounds 22 July 1917, in France); 12094 Pte Malcolm Wilson; 12055 Dvr Alfred Camden Rofe; 11941 Pte William Young Cunningham; 11915 Pte Edward George Carroll; Pte Hartley; 11934 Pte Alfred John Ashby Cornock; 11962 Pte Vilven Jack Francis; 12007 Dvr Harry Mervyn Machin; 12013 Dvr Edward Cecil Mathew; 12039 Dvr William Pearson; 12029 Dvr Joseph Dench Nankivell (killed in action 13 October 1917, in Belgium); 11877 Staff Sergeant (SSgt) Frederick William Gray (later DCM);11879 SSgt John Cecil Lane; 12199 SSgt Vincent Harry Casson; 11887 Sgt Richard John Watts; 11884 Sgt Gordon Rowland Ross; 12090 Sgt Charles Herbert White; 11886 Sgt Edward Creek Trouton; 11881 Sgt Samuel Richard Crook (later MM, killed in action 13 October 1917, in Belgium) (see also P01988.001); 11894 Sgt Harold John Williams; 11883 Sgt Francis Charles Meadows; 11882 Sgt Edward Duncan Lee (later MM); 11889 Sgt John Deans; 11970 Pte Charles Oswald Hamblin; 12104 Pte Ralph Denver (killed in action 12 December 1917, in France) (see also H16017); 11964 Pte Wilfred Garnet Gates (later MM); 12068 Pte John Henry Stevens; 11923 James Cape; 12066 Pte William Gordon Cumming Smith; 11907 Pte Joseph James Bell; 11994 Pte Russell Thompson Sydney Jarvis (later MM, killed in action 4 October 1917, in Belgium); 12015 Pte Alexander McKay; 12028 Pte Alan Rowat Murray; 11993 Pte Edward Roy Jamieson (later MM); 11930 Pte Harold Norman Condon; 11980 Pte Charles Hayes. First row: 11922 Pte James Stewart Campbell; 11974 Pte Henry George Harpur; 12017 Pte Harold Gavin Mclean (died of wounds 9 April 1918, in France); 11945 Pte Garnet Wilton Dart; 11914 Pte Alfred Henry Boyle; 11942 Pte William Patrick Curry; 11961 Pte George William Gordon Fox; 12016 Pte Herbert Thomas McKenna; 11939 Pte Alexander Craig (later MM); 11952 Pte Roy Dennis Doyle; 11920 Pte Arthur John Burnside; 11918 Pte Harry Gordon Brown; 11965 L Cpl William Fleming George (later DCM); 12070 Cpl Frederick Sturch; Captain Arthur Vincent Meehan; Captain Harry Carysfort Edmond Donovan; Major Edmund Frank Lind (later CBE, DSO); Lt Col Frederick Arthur Maguire (later DSO, DSM); Major Andrew Victor Honman (died of wounds 20 May 1917, in France) (see also C01629); Capt Wilfred Vickers (later DSO); Lt Claude Alfred Oxley; 11876 WO1 Leonard James Mobbs (later MSM); 11896 Cpl Harold Algernon Joseph A¿Hearn; 11956 Cpl Augustine Edward Dyer (killed in action 8 April 1917, in France); 12051 Dvr George Henry Richards; 11984 Pte George Wilfred Henville; 12044 Dvr Ronald George Ponton; Dvr 12004 Harold Frank Lees; 11981 Dvr Frank Jefferson Haynes (died of illness 6 October 1918, in France) (see also P05758.008); 12067 Dvr Harry James Sneddon; 12049 L Cpl Rodolph Herman Purkis; 11955 Pte Henry Dubois; 12075 Pte Frederick James Toby; 12036 Pte Rolfe Valentine Irwin Ormsby (later MM); 11900 Pte John O¿Connor Arkins; 12032 Pte Eric George Nicholls. Foreground: 11893 Cpl Clifford Thew; 11951 Cpl Albert Owen Dowse; 12060 Cpl Eric Cecil Savage; 12001 L Cpl Ernest Edmund Charles Lawless; 11890 Cpl William David Fawke; 12061 L Cpl Sydney Henry Selwyn (later MM).