Hargreaves, Bert


Liverpool, NSW. 1915-04. Group portrait of A Company, 17th Battalion. The company officers and non-commissioned officers (NCOs) are sitting or lying in the front row. The following men are present in the portrait but some of their positions are unknown: Captain Cecil Robert Arthur Pye (front row, fifth from right, later Lieutenant Colonel DSO, killed in action on 4 October 1917) ), Lieutenants H. Beiers, Pye, Lucas, Killeen, France Gombert (probably sixth from left), Warrant-Officer J. T. Robertson, Company Sergeant-Major F. B. Cheadle, Quartermaster Sergeant A. S. Taplin, Sergeants J. Fay, J. H. Allen, G. H. Pulling, C. Sams, T. Jones, R. N. Moag, C. Doone. Corporals F. Gilbert, J. Campbell, T. L. Adams, W.R. Lewis, H. E. Bott, W. H. Millard, G. Hayes, P. Miles, Wolfe, H. Barnes, K. Chisholm, Gerard, J.A. Millar. Privates Anderson, A. M. Adams, W. J. Annett, J. Arbuckle, T. Andrews, Bugler Abbot, Privates Baxter, Black, Bowmaker, Bowen, Bennett, Brooks, Brown, Bradford, Burns, Bain, Barks, Bratton, Burke, Butler, Crowley, Commons, Cardilin, E. T. Cox, Clifford, Christopher, Christy, Commons, Conley, Coombes, Connelly, Cahill, Crocker, Doyle, Daly, E. Davis, Didcore, Dillon, Dempsey, L.Davis, Dawson, Day, Deonck, Dixson, Donovan, Erwin, Edge, R.H. Edwards, J.W. Edwards, Egan, Field, Furness, Fielder, Fulthorpe, J.C. Foott, Fuller, Fluke, Foot (Bugler), Floyd (Bugler), Gibson, Guest, Gavin, Groome, Green, Garrett, Gentry, Gordon, Greig, Gardner, Gillett, Higgins, Henderson, Heathcote, Hegarty, Hamilton, Hargreaves, Harding, Harman, Huntley, Hoban, Hinde, Hough, Hall, Hassell, Jephcott, Johnson, Jones, James, Kavanagh, Kearney, Kidd, Kent, Knox, King, Laing, Leese, Luker, Legge, Laughton, Lewis, Lyons, Lambert, Lyall, Logan, Liddy, Lawton, McIntyre, McNeally, Mitchell, McGrath, Martin, F. McDonald, M. McDonald, A. J. McDonald, McHenry, Murphy, Morris, Munton, Martin, McMahon, Maynard, McCarthy, Morrison, Mack, Massey, McLean, Martin, Maher, Matterson, McFarlane, McGinty, McNair, McKay, Newing, Nyman, Newstead, O’Hara, Osborne, O’Byrne, Stanley Page, Steve Page, Peat, Parson, Proctor, Piggott, Pearce, Post, Pryke, Pendleton, Petty, Rochford, Redhead, Radford, Ridley, Roper, Robertson, Race, Selby, Strachan, Stamp, Spindler, Smith, Saimes, Schweitze, Sullivan, Stewart, Shea, Stephenson, Seaegg, Stevens, Somerford, Stratton, Shaw, Smith, Sendall, Thorne, Townsend, Taylor, Torpy, Taylor, Verrall, T. Williams, Whitfield, Watkins, Walsh, Wells, H. E. Walker, A. G. Walker, F. Williams, Wright, Webb, Woodward, Wood, Wilson, Williamson, Young, Yeomans, Yates. (Original print housed in AWM Archive Store)