Crowe, William Douglas


Group portrait of the 12th Light Trench Mortar Battery, taken behind the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) hut, about two weeks previous to the Battery’s engagement in the Dernancourt operations. Left to right, back row: 4367 Private (Pte) R. C. Hoye; 2721 Pte W. W. Adam; 204 Pte H. J. Fulcher; 4368 Pte G. S. Easterbrook; 1881 Pte C. Stanley; 5191 Pte G. R. Stokes; 1927 Pte W. D. Crowe; 5074 Pte William Herbert Davey (killed in action 5 April 1918); 3796 Pte E. Lockhart; 2035 Pte H. J. Whitworth; 2003A Pte P. J. Ray; 3272 Lance Corporal (LCpl) C. H. Caine; 1940 Pte S. A. Jones; 1715 Pte R. V. Ellis; 2331 Pte N. A. A. Field; 3147 Pte M. J. Gregg. Third row: 30218 LCpl K. H. Stanton; 2675 Pte G. Watkins; 2415 Pte J. Flanigan; 3257 Pte G. Baartz; 2240 Pte P. Roach; 3722 Pte T. Coleman; 1777 Pte L. J. Stephens; 2076 E. Pte Shackleton; 3173 Pte F. C. Wiles; 4491 Corporal (Cpl) H. B. Bennett MM; 1724 LCpl A. L. Ferrie; 2291 Cpl L. S. Goldenberg; 1348 LCpl A. E. Everett; 1956 Pte Peter Maher (killed in action 5 April 1918); 3773 Pte Albert Alexander Howard (killed in action 5 April 1918); 135A Pte D. F. Booth MM: 1442 LCpl D. Paul Croix de Guerre. Second row: 4065 Cpl S. L. A. Noble; 4591 Sergeant (Sgt) A. T. Sharp MM; 1758 Cpl J. H. Martin; 3058 Cpl J. R. Miller; 3316 Cpl Leonard Matthew Henderson MM (killed in action 5 April 1918); Lieutenant (Lt) W. J. Bone; Lt R. J. Minty MC MM; Lt F. G. S. Cherry MC; Lt C. A. B. Kenyon; 1309 Sgt H. F. Aslatt DCM MM MSM; 3080 Sgt R. A. Fuller DCM; 2231 Cpl J. B. Quartermaine MM; Lt H. Baker; 4277 Cpl J. B. Wadley; 4375 Cpl E. T. MacKie. Front row: 1853 Pte C. M. Byrne; 1733 Pte John O’Neill (killed in action 3 April 1918); 134 Cpl M. W. Coats; 4542 Pte Cecil Maurice E. Dale; 2001A Pte J. Hanley; 1699 Pte C. H. Wilson MM. 1918 France: Nord Pas de Calais, Nord, Meteren