Cowan, Michael William


Group portrait of officers, non-commissioned officers, and men of the 22nd Battalion. Identified in the back row, left to right: 310 Private (Pte) John Graham Malloch; 4449 Sergeant (Sgt) Percival Thomas Gregory, DCM; 6336 Pte Donald Charles Everett; and 4425 Pte John Thomas Farrant. Fourth row: 3094 Pte Stanley Edward James; 909 Pte Thomas White; 391 Pte Adam Benjamin Hallyburton (killed in action in France on 27 July 1918); 4973 Pte Robert George Allen; 2667 Pte Robert Hills; 4190 Corporal (Cpl) James Joseph Ralph; 5464 Pte Thomas Arthur Peasnell; 425 Pte Arthur Baron Manson; 3818 Pte James Morris Downey; 4560 Pte George Walter Tilley; 658 Pte John David Nicholson; 4716 Pte Thomas Jefferies; 5134 Cpl George Audley Tennyson; 32 Pte Thomas Welsh; 5448 Pte Thomas Hammond Charlesworth; 2767 Pte John O’Brien; 387 Pte Henry Hubert Gunn; 5434 Pte George Reginald Wetherall; 4397 Pte Walter Coombes; 5382 Lance Corporal (L Cpl) James Ernest Albert Masson; 6071 Cpl John Timothy Dorgan; 4796 Pte Henry Charles Tilley; 5912 Pte Richard Finlay Shimmin; 2438 Sgt Gilbert Humphries Reid Tripp, MM; and 809 L Cpl Frank Oliphant Dease Downey. Third row: 4359 Pte George Baldwin (kneeling); 6034 Pte Frank Barker; 4565 Pte William Thomas Webster; 5693 Pte Henry William White; 4546 Sgt Arthur Sturrock; 803 Sgt Cyril Frederick Cox, MSM; Lieutenant (Lt) Howard Stafford, MM; Lt Eric Thewlis, MC; Captain (Capt) McMahon; Major Leslie William Matthews, DSO; Lieutenant Colonel Aubrey Roy Liddon Wiltshire, MC DSO; Capt Ingles Peter Stewart, MC & Bar; Chaplain William Charles Smith; Lt John Anderson Smith; Lt Keith Sutherland, MC; 4669 Regimental Sergeant Major Stephen Cadwell, MM DCM; 362 Sgt Dennis Deasy; 5815 Pte George Stanley Needham; 4429 L Cpl Samuel John Findley; and 1913 L Cpl Otto Paul Habel (sitting). Second row (sitting): 355 Pte Arthur Thomas Cowling; 4456 Pte Cecil Charles Herbert; 1102 Pte Charles James Neale; 1058 Sgt William Joseph Horman, MM; 2265A L Cpl Ramond Sylvanus Baker, MM; 5979 L Cpl Benjamin John Vaughan; 241 L Cpl Francis George Rowe; 6533 Cpl Gordon William Laidler; 2303 L Cpl Albert Peach; 2047 Pte William Frank Sinnett; 4703 Pte Claude Ronald Fisk; 5115 Pte John Robert McKay; 5468 Pte Edward Stowe; 5959 Cpl Walter Ferguson Sturrock; 5834 Pte Thomas Francis Reddan; 47 Sgt Ernest Ramsay Nugent; 733 Pte Enoch Chenhall; 5936 L Cpl Robert Cyprian Connell; and 4437 L Cpl Clifford Roy Fry, MM. Front row (lying on the grass): 2126 Pte Walter Robert Rawnsley; 2396 Sgt Harry Percy Swift, MM; 2308 Pte David Ernest Roberts; 6351 Pte Reginald Eugene Hayhoe; 3803 Pte Alan Leslie Cadman; ‘Bill’, the goat; 4117 Pte William Ginn; 5012 Pte Frank Gaylard; 3172 Pte James Mitchell; 2301 Pte Michael William Cowan, DCM MM; and 6150 Cpl George Benjamin Stell. 1918 France: Picardie, Somme, Corbie Albert Area, Franvillers