Bainbridge, Harry Harrison


Ashfield, NSW. Ashfield Bowling Club Roll of Honour flanked by an Australian flag and the Union Jack. Names of members’ sons included in the Roll: H. Alderson, F.S. Alderson, 2955A Charles Stanley Alderson (killed, served under the alias Harold Palser), H.H. Bainbridge, J.S.D. Burns, E.E. Burns, J. Buxton, F.J. Doherty (killed), W.J. Forsythe, M. Forsythe, F.A. Harris, W.K. Harris, E.O. Harris, Dr. C.M. Harris (killed), F.R. Hillier, F.T. Hurt (killed), G. Hurt, 3331 Sergeant Ernest Augustus Jentsch (killed in action on 19 July 1916 during the battle at Fromelles, France), T.J. Lindsay, E.J. McDowell, A.J. McDowell, H. McKensey, W.T. McLaren (died), G.L. McLaren, A.J. Cowled, S.G.C. Cowled, R.T. Jefferson, N.B. Jefferson, E.C. Watts, W.E. Parrington (killed), C.E. Parrington (killed), Dr. H. Rayson, R.B. Richardson, F.C. Rogers, J.N. Shipton, V. Shipton, R. Spendelove, K.T.W. Styles (killed), J. Wells, F.T.D. Meares, N.G. Laurence, W.J. Rogers, W. Hardy, D.Y. Lindsay, L.H.M. Burns, E.H. Ireland, W.Wells, F.M. Tyerman, W.R. Hannon, P.J. Hannon, B.L. Hannon, L. Graham, R. Graham, R.A. Stewart, R.A.R. Green, E.A. Ridley, H.A. Lennartz and E.A. Lennartz. (Original print held in the AWM Archive Store)

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