Attridge, Richard Joseph


Group portrait of the band of the 1st Battalion at Meteren. Left to right, back row: 6329 Private (Pte) R. M. Housden; 496 Pte H. Hopkins; 5990 Pte A. Caminiti; 7031 Pte R. E. Rosewell; 2770 Pte W. H. Cooke. Middle row: 4971 Pte R. J. Attridge; 34 Sergeant (Sgt) C. E. Downes; 330 Pte W. M. Attinborough; 327 Lance Corporal (LCpl) D. Mitchel; 6021 LCpl R. Helson; 5040 Pte R. E. Baker; 7323 Pte J. S. Sawyer; 4399 Pte H. E. Dorrell; 6246 Pte E. W. Fielding. Front row: 3015 Pte R. Bates; 3045 Pte P. Foulkes; 5700 Pte J. L. Gore; 2032 Pte F. Trees; 3742 Sgt P. Dunn; 2054 Pte A. W. Chapman; 1029 Pte E. A. Farrands; 3512 Pte G. E. Wall; 5754 Pte J. A. Pope;

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