Leichhardt WW1 5000 1914 -1918

Welcome to the Leichhardt 5000

Close to 5000 Men and women from the Leichhardt Local Government Area from the suburbs of Annandale, Balmain, Birchgrove, Leichhardt, Lilyfield and Rozelle enlisted their services for World War One.

This site is dedicated to listing, and capturing the stories of those men who fought in World War One and to capture stories ephemera and memorabilia from families, friends, loved ones and historical enthusiasts. It is not just the men but the women also who held full time employment and raised families as their men went to war. The AIF database lists 4462 enlistments men who went to war who either lived were born or enlisted in the Leichhardt LGA. We have endeavored to include as many as we can find onto this Website. The numbers reach closer to 5000 once you add RAAF, the Navy, Nurses and Medical Staff.

Leichhardt  Pioneer Park

Pioneers Memorial Park  (1942) – Norton Street Leichhardt

Pioneers Memorial Park was previously The Balmain Cemetery which operated from 1860 -1912 it  covered 11 acres and by 1912 contained 10 608 graves. Conversion commenced in 1942 and the park was called Pioneer’s Memorial Park, dedicated to the pioneers of Leichhardt. In 1949 the War Memorial which stood at the corner of Marion and Norton Streets was re-erected in the park as a monument to the soldiers killed during both World Wars. After the closure of Balmain Cemetery burials continued at Waverley, Rookwood and Field of Mars cemeteries.

World War 1 1914-1918
This Site is dedicated to all the Men and Women remembered for their heroic participation in WW1. 5000 Men and women from the Leichhardt LGA.

Leichhardt Council would like to find more stories of Leichhardt soldiers in the First World War from the community. We’re interested in photographs, diaries, letters, other personal items, and also family stories about soldiers from the First World War. This will enrich the story Leichhardt Council can share throughout the centenary of the First World War.

Matthew William Currey is  Leichhardt’s soldier to be awarded the Victoria Cross.


If you can contribute, contact the Local History Team on 9367 9335 or email


Image supplied by the Australian War Memorial.


2 thoughts on “Leichhardt WW1 5000 1914 -1918

  1. Many women also went to the war, mostly as nurses but probably in other capacities as well.

    I think the largely forgotten role of women both in the war itself and those who ‘kept the home fires burning’ should be emphasised.

  2. Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian church, Cnr Johnston and Collins Street, Annandale, has Memorial stones and plaques for members of the congregations of Hunter Baillie Annandale, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Leichhardt and Glebe Presbyterian Church, who went to World War I.

    For Armistance Day 2018 we are attempting to gather information on as many members of these congregations as we can. If there is anyone who might have an ancestor who attended one of these churches and went to war, and may have a photo or information, we would love to hear from you. If you would like to view the memorials a time could be arranged.

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